About Us


Our mission is to serve gamers with novel merchandise, mainly t-shirts. The weird store name comes from "Sang the mang", our founder's college nickname (we are sorry it's hard to pronounce). 


Hi, I'm Sangthemang. In 2019, I quit my job thinking I wasn't born for office work. A passionate gamer since I can remember, I found making gaming merchandise for fellow gamers very enjoyable.

The earliest video games I remember playing are Pac-Man and variations of Space Invaders. Over time, I found MMORPG quite addictive and spent much time saving online worlds. World of Warcraft is probably the one I spent most time on.

There were times when I wanted to play better than others, but I know now I'm a mediocre player at best.😆 I don't play so hardcore anymore, but still play many games casually and watch esports, mainly League of Legends.